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A large-scale artwork by Ram Katzir will be unveiled in Osaka in the autumn of 2024.
It is a site-specific sculpture for a landmark location based on studies of Osaka residents.

Accompanying this project Katzir will hold a solo exhibition of new works in Gallery The Mirror, in Tokyo.


Official opening on September 10, 2024

Artistic Director Toshio Shimizu Art Office


Tracing Future Taiwan

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Work has started on Ram Katzir’s immersive Terrazzo and corten steel artwork in Xinyi District, Taipei.

Like a topographic map, our hand has valleys, hills, islands, and plains. It is scientifically proven that our choices and actions shape the lines in our hands over time.

Visitors to the Guanci Social Housing complex step into a huge line drawing of a hand tracing the lifeline of the other hand. Viewed from the top, it seems the building has grown hands and is rewriting itself. This project encourages social and urban reform in Taipei’s financial and political center.


Official opening in spring 2024

Commissioned by The Taipei City Government Department of Urban Development

Curated by Huichen Wu, Artfield, Taipei



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When two colors meet, a new color emerges. Similarly, when two or more people meet, a new space is created that is larger than the sum of its parts. In 2023, Ram Katzir’s first permanent public artwork in China Onirico will unveil at Xuhui Riverside in Shanghai. 

Onirico welcomes visitors to the historic Nanpu Railway Station site, built initially for cargo transport. It is a symbolic place reminding people of the city’s industrialization progress.

Situated between an art museum and a park, it will be a magical meeting point in Xuhui District. Next to the artwork is the newly built Start Museum, designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. The proximity of the Art and Design Fair and Katzir’s monumental sculpture will become a unique highlight of the West Bund Culture Corridor. 


Official unveiling on March 2024
Client Hong Kong Land
Curated by Purple Roof Public Art
Realized with support from the Mondriaan Fund