Ram Katzir is a visual artist based in Amsterdam. Katzir studied sculpture and photography at The Cooper Union School of Art in New York and animation at the audio visual department of the Rietveld Academy.

Katzir broke into the international art scene in 1997 with Your Coloring Book, an audience-participatory installation that unsettled viewers around the world with innocent-looking children’s books filled with images of Nazi propaganda. This juxtaposition between form and content is characteristic of his work, much of which is deliberately ambiguous, inviting us to stop, think and double take.

Since 1999 Katzir has concentrated on public art commissions working in close association with city planners, landscape designers and architects.

Katzir’s art works often have a disorienting nature: inside is outside, the tragic is comical, and what seems far away is actually very near. The result is a world in which the foreign and the familiar coexist in unexpected ways. The search for home, be it physical or spiritual, is a recurring theme in his oeuvre.


Photo by Daisuke Isamoto