Manna, 2020

Remembering the hunger winter

work 4/46

Freedom monument, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Marble, 180 x 220 x 380 cm

During the Hongerwinter (Dutch famine) of 1944-45, millions of Dutch people were starving and food was scarce. Shortly before the liberation , some relief came with “Swedish white bread”, which was baked locally from flour shipped in from Sweden. In the final days of the war, the Allied bombers dropped humanitarian food packages in the Netherlands. These packages were code-named “Operation Manna”.

Bread plays a prominent role in many cultures. It’s more than food, it brings people together. The artwork ‘Manna’ is designed as a meeting place. The message of compassion and nourishment is still relevant in our world today.

Commissioned by the Municipality of Amsterdam.


Photos by Allard Bovenberg